Looking for someone to talk to? Someone who will listen kindly and without judgement?  Making that first step to contact someone is sometimes the hardest.

Choosing a psychotherapist can be daunting and finding answers to your questions and concerns can be helpful before you make a commitment. It is important that you feel comfortable with your psychotherapist and I encourage you to take the time to find what feels right for you. This may mean making contact with a few psychotherapists before taking the next step.

Psychotherapy can be used by individuals, couples or groups. There are many different models of psychotherapy however the key issue is the relationship between yourself and your therapist. If you are able to establish a rapport and connection with your therapist, research has shown that this is the most effective form of psychotherapy.  One of the most helpful things we can offer another is to listen; with respect, acceptance and empathy. I offer these to you.

“Listening is the highest form of hospitality” – Henri Nouwen, Dutch born priest, professor and author

We come to psychotherapy and counselling for many different reasons.  This might be a wish to seek a solution-focused approach to address particular issues, or for a reflective experience where inquiring more deeply into what is happening with you, enables the possibility of coming to know yourself better.

Sometimes we have a feeling of ‘something is wrong with me’, but often it is that ‘things have happened to me’, that can leave us feeling distressed and unhappy and unsure how to make sense of what is going on.  Psychotherapy offers the possibility of exploring these issues in a safe, confidential and non -judgemental space, in a joint process with your therapist.

I offer individual face to face psychotherapy to adults (over 18 years) and use a mindfulness based approach, which is a contemplative and reflective experience between us both.  It can be short term or long term work.  My practice is based in Meadowbank, Edinburgh.

Please use the menu above to navigate and learn about what I am able to offer, and my experience. If you have any questions or, if you would like to make an initial appointment for psychotherapy, please email me at emmafnelson@gmail.com or give me a call on 07814 918020

For 24 hour emergency support:

Samaritans (Edinburgh & Lothians) 0131 221 9999

Edinburgh Crisis Centre 0808 801 0414